B.A. (Afzalul Ulama) Degree

All courses of this college are approved by the University of Calicut. Admission procedures are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University of Calicut and Government of Kerala prevailed at the time.

The students who passed higher secondary or its equivalent are eligible to apply for this course. The course is consisted of 6 semesters under the credit and semester system.


COMMON COURSE (communication skills in English,critical reasoning writing and  presentation in Arabic,reading literature in English,Indian constitution secularism and sustainable environment, literature and contemporary issues,history and philosophy of science,communication skills in Arabic,translation and communication,literature in Arabic,culture and civilization)


COMPLEMENTARY COURSE (classical literature-1,drama and short story,classical literature-2, Hadith literature Thafseer literature,science of prophet’s tradition,philosophical thoughts and ilmukalam, women writings in Arabic)


CORE COURSE(studies in grammar,applied grammar and linguistics, methodology of language teaching (Arabic), history of Arabic literature, Indian writings in Arabic , media Arabic, rhetoric and prosody, literary criticism, commercial Arabic, human rights in Arab culture, modern prose and novel, modern poetry, a survey of Arab history, fiqh studies, Arabic for tour and travel (elective), project


OPEN COURSE (information technology and informatics,modern Arab world,cultural relation of India with Arab world

A01 Communicative Skills in English
AUIA02 Critical reasoning writing and Presentation.
AUIA07 Communication Skills in Arabic
AUIB01 Studies in Grammar
AUIC01 Classical Literature-I
AUIC01 Drama & Short Story
A01 Reading Literature in English
AU2A04 Indian Constitution, Secularism and Sustainable environment.
AU2A08 Translation and Communication
AU2B02 Classical Literature – II
AU2C04 Hadith Literature
A05 Literature and Contemporary Issues
AU3A09 Literature in Arabic
AU3B03 Methodology of Language Teaching
AU3B04 History of Arabic Literature
AU3CO5 Tafseer Literature
AU3C06 Science of Prophet’s Tradition
A06 History and Philosophy of Science
AU4A10 Culture and Civilization
AU4B05 Indian Writings in Arabic
AU4B06 Media Arabic
AU4007 Philosophical Thoughts and Ilmul Kalam
AU4C08 Women Writings in Arabic
AU5B07 Rhetorics and Prosody
AU5B08 Principles of Literary Criticism
AU5B09 Commercial Arabic
AU5B10 Human Rights and Arab Culture
AU5B01 Information Technology and Informatics
AU6B11 Modern Prose and Novel
AU6B12 Modern Poetry
AU6B13 A Brief Survey of Arab History
AU6B14 Fiqh Studies
AU6B15 Arabic for Tours and Travels (Elective)
AR3C10 Book review/Dissertation/Preparing a report on any contemporary issues such as Generala election, Natural calamity, National issues or Global issues in 25-30 pages.