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Jan 15 2013
Rouzathul Uloom is located at extreme west. Gateway to this small in size but giant in design
Jan 15 2013
Rouzathul Uloom is located at extreme west.
Rouzathul Uloom arabic college
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Arabic is the fastest growing language in the world today. It is mother tongue for 22 nations and second language for ten or more countries besides this. One in every six persons of world population can read and write Arabic. It is classical in terms of firm linguistic features and modern in flexibility and ability to develop in par with expanding needs of the literary world. Arabic as a language has distinct stature in literary circles. Prominent masterpieces of the world literature have been translated into Arabic.Literary contributions of Arabic have been translated into almost all languages of significance.

There is no form of artistic creations or literary mode of exposure where strong presence of Arabic is not experienced. Prose, poem & poetry, articles, theatre plays, cinema, music etc., included.

Discovery of oil wealth in the Arabic speaking land masses elevated need of this language tremendously in world’s financial landscape. It became indispensable in all walks of life, to say, commercial establishments, factories, multinational companies, embassies, hospitals, print & electronic media houses, educational institutions, hotels, government or private offices, recreational clubs, travel & tourism sectors etc.,. The dominance of ‘Information Technology’ increased the domain of Arabic in IT enabled commercial interactions. Arabic learning has been made mandatory in many countries foreseeing the strength and scope in interrelations and sustaining trade and commerce profile of the future.

India has in-depth Arabic learning/teaching facilities in major colleges and universities up to the Ph. D level. In Kerala, those who pursue Arabic in government recognized schools alone are above One and Half Lac in number. Ten thousand teachers of Arabic are on government payrolls in par with teachers of other subjects. Arabic teaching provides enormous service opportunities as the number of schools where Arabic taught is above seven thousand and colleges above one hundred in aggregate. Keralite workforce in gulf countries at present exceeds 2.5 million. Arabic writing and reading skills command higher salaries and better service conditions. Inclusion of Arabic in the curriculum in as many more schools in the state will promote the language further. It will serve as well the purpose of formation of disciplined, civilized generation equipped with multi functional life-tools. Arabic colleges preserve the noble tradition of molding people proud in their origin, culture, mission to the mankind and responsibilities towards the society. Arabic Colleges continues to modify and expand curriculum parameters to absorb expectations of the nation; as in the recent past English, History, Journalism, Computer Sciences and bilingual translations are included.

‘Rouzathul Uloom’, (the Garden of Knowledge), established in 1942 is the first recognized Post Graduate Arabic College in the Aided Sector. It rightly is paradise of knowledge and we welcome knowledge seeking enthusiasts to this garden and paradise of meritorious virtues too.

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