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Hacked by Türk <br /> <a href="news.php?newsid=60" class="style9">More</a><br /> <img src="images/newsbg.png" width="218" height="2"/> <span class="style9">01-10-2018</span><br /> Yhuricka <br /> <a href="news.php?newsid=59" class="style9">More</a><br /> <img src="images/newsbg.png" width="218" height="2"/> <span class="style9">07-05-2016</span><br /> B.Com with ISLAMIC FINA <br /> <a href="news.php?newsid=58" class="style9">More</a><br /> <img src="images/newsbg.png" width="218" height="2"/> </div> <div class="inner_bluemenu"><strong>QUICK CONTACT</strong></div> <div class="bluemenusm_content"><span class="style10">Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College</span><br /> +91 495 2440663<br /> Web:</div> <div class="inner_bluemenu"><strong>DOWNLOADS</strong></div> <div class="bluemenusm_content"> <div class="download_txt"><a href="syllabus.php"><img src="images/downloadtxt.png" /></a></div> <div class="download_img"><a href="syllabus.php"><img src="images/download.png"/></a></div> </div> </div> <div class="welcomeright"> <h5>FACULTIES</h5> </div> <div class="news"><strong>PRINCIPAL</strong></div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/musthafa.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Dr. P.Musthafa</strong><br /><br /> Afzalul Ulama, M.A.,Ph.D.<br /> (Dip: Riyadh University KSA) <br /> (Dip. Al Azhar University Cairo)<br /> <span class="style11">9447358258,04936-205545</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"><strong>DEPARTMENT OF ARABIC</strong></div> <!-- <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/zuhair.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"><strong>Prof: Zuhair. C.M.</strong> <br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Literary Forum in charge<br /><br /> Afzalul Ulama, M.A.<br /> <span class="style11">9961222233<br /> 04931-231622 </span><br /> </div> </div> --> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/vm.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof. V.M. Abdul Azeez</strong> <br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Admission,College Union Election, Examination, Old Student's Association, Calendar in charge <br /><br /> Post Afzalul Ulama, M.A. <br /> (Dip: Riyadh University KSA)<br /> <span class="style11">2441847, 9249298724</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/shajajan.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"><strong>Prof. M. Shajahan </strong> <br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Equal Opportunity, Attendance, Old Student's Association, College Union Election, Staff Advisor, Time Table in charge<br /><br /> Afzalul Ulama,<br /> M.A. (Dip: Qatar University)<br /> <span class="style11">9446782268 <br /> 2442065</span> <br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/fathima.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof. P. Fathima</strong><br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Girl's Hostel, NSS (Unit 181), Surprice Inspection, Womens Cell in charge<br /><br /> Post Afzalul Ulama<br /> M.A.<br /> <span class="style11">0483 - 2831893</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/CK-USMAN.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof. C.K. Usman</strong><br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Boy's Hostel, Scholarship in charge<br /><br /> <span class="style11">9446648703</span><br /> <span class="style11">04931-324703</span><br /> Post Afzalul Ulama, M.A.<br /> (Dip: Islamic University Madeena)<br /></div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/abdu.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof. Abdurahman Cherukara</strong> <br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Library Advisor, Examination, PG Extension Activities in charge<br /><br /> Post Afzalul Ulama, M.A.<br /> (Dip: Qatar University)<br /> <span class="style11">9746152078</span><br /> <span class="style11">0494-2101096</span> <br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/P-AYMAN-SHOUQUI.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof. P. Ayman Shouqui </strong><br /> Professor in Arabic<br /> Arab Sat, Career Guidance, College Staff Council, Examination, Time Table, Website in charge<br /><br /> M.A.</strong><br /> <span class="style11">9995654383, <br /> 2440782</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/ali.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof.K. Ali</strong><br /> Professor in Arabic<br /><br /> Arts Festival, Ethics & Anti Ragging, Scholarship, Surprice Inspection Squad in charge<br /> Post Afzalul Ulama <br /> <span class="style11">9895440381<br /> 0483-2770086</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/aboobaker.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Aboobacker.K</strong><br /> Lecturer in Arabic<br /> Scholarship, Remedial Coaching, Scholarship, Sports & Games in charge<br /><br /> Post Afzalul Ulama <br /> <span class="style11">9961944537 </span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/jamsheer.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Jamseer.P.K</strong><br /> Lecturer in Arabic<br /> Admission, Pain And Paliative, NSS (Unit 22), Sports & Games in charge<br /><br /> </strong>M.A. Post Afzalul Ulama<br /> MEd (Dip:Qatar University)<br /> <span class="style11">9895465470</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto"> <img src="images/umair_khan.jpg"/> </div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>UMAIR KHAN M.</strong><br /> Lecturer in Arabic<br /> Publication Director, NSS (Unit 181), Equal Opportunity<br /><br /> </strong>M.A., B.Ed.<br /> <span class="style11">9961334740</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"><strong>DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH</strong></div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/shahid.jpg"/></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Prof.Shahad bin Aly</strong> <br /> Professor in English<br /> Arts Festival, Computer Center, Entry in Service, Parent-Teacher's Association, Website in charge<br /><br /> M.A.<br /> <span class="style11">9496843395,2324089</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <strong>LIBRARY</strong></div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/sherif.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>K. Shareef</strong><br /> College Librarian<br /><br /> M.L.I.Sc.,NET<br /> <span class="style11">9496353475</span><br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <strong>ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF</strong></div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/ASGARALI-PE.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Asgar Ali. P.E</strong><br /> Head Accountant<br /><br /> 9446643902, 0483 - 2791571<br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/AHMED-AMEEN-PARIYARATH.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Ahamed Ameen Pariyarath</strong><br /> LDC<br /><br /> 9447431541<br /> <br /> </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/ASKERALI-EK.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>AskerAli EK,</strong><br /> LDC<br /><br /> 9947414647 </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/JALAL.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>P.K. Jalaludheen Hussain</strong><br /> LD Typist<br /><br /> 2440903,9846339721 </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/mohammed-ali.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Muhammadali.A.K</strong><br /> Office Attendant<br /> <br /> 9446648711, 0483-2714716 </div> </div> <div class="news"> <div class="inner_welcomephoto "><img src="images/ABOOBACKER-P.jpg" /></div> <div class="welcometxt"> <strong>Aboobacker. P</strong><br /> Office Attendant<br /> <br /> 9947441694 </div> </div> <div class="right_btm"> <a href="history.php"> <div class="greycontent"><strong>Our History</strong><br /> <div class="grey_img1"></div><div class="grey_txt">‘Rouzathul Uloom’, the Garden of Wisdom (sciences) is the </div> </div> </a> <a href="vision.php#emblem"><div class="greycontent"><strong>Our Emblem</strong><br /> <div class="grey_img2"></div> <div class="grey_txt">Rouzathul Uloom’ concept as inscribed to its worthy emblem is </div> </div></a> <a href="index.php#founder"><div class="grey_last"><strong>Our Founder</strong><br /> <div class="grey_img3"></div> <div class="grey_txt">My farthest ever dream and the recurring prayer sprout out of the </div> </div></a> </div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> <div class="clear"></div> <br /> <div class="linebg"></div> <div class="welcomeaera"> <div class="footerleft">© 2013 Roulathul Uloom Arabic College. 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