Mould and shape academically driven, socially committed, emotionally charged individuals equipped with the noble heritage, tremendous treasures and immense capabilities of [Arabic], the living language that connects 1750 million people of the global population by a unique cultural string got enriched through three millennium of our past known history. Thoughts and services of dedicated academicians who turn out possessing acclaimed graduation, post graduation and
research credentials in Arabic would transform the society to better horizons in terms of reasonable beliefs, mutual trust and heightened hope, upholding ethical values and moral discipline which the human race inherited as precious heritage.

Arabic, a prominent living language recognized by United Nations Organization is literally rich in ancient and advanced knowledge wealth. It is Classic and Modern at the same time. Birth of Great Prophet of Islam in the Arab world fourteen centuries ago coupled with the advent of the Holy Qur’an in Arabic paved way and accentuated spread of this unique treasure. Progressive emergence of scholars, scientists, men of literature, analysts and specialists in almost all branches of known science and technology elevated the Arabic Language beyond physical boundaries. Affluence of cognitive thoughts, comprehensive research studies, accomplished literary works on diverse themes of life sciences and the changing trade and commerce scenario greatly influenced the world affairs rating the Arabic at an exalted stature that is evident today.
‘Garden of Wisdom’ or ‘Rouzathul Uloom’ aims to quench thirst of craving knowledge seekers who share the delicate but firm link that binds the ancient Arabic civilization with radiance of modern aspirations by building bridge between the millenniums old heritage and instantaneously opened up windows of opportunities, a process which benefit the mankind for clear understanding the threads of collectiveness whilst offering a dignified life avenue to the incumbent.